The Independent Computer Consultant – What’s Your USP (Unique Selling Proposition)?

If you’re an independent computer consultant, for you to compete against the larger MSPs and IT Service Providers for your target small business customers, you need to offer something that sets you apart. Something that makes you unique that the other guys simply can’t or don’t provide. This “something” is called your Unique Selling Proposition, or USP.

The Managed Service Model works and is the only way to operate an IT Support Company profitably and successfully. Eventually, all support providers will move away from hourly support and onto the Managed Service Model. But when everyone is offering essentially the same thing… 24×7 monitoring, remote helpdesk support, flat-fee billing… what can you as an Independent Computer Consultant offer that’s different?

Well, it’s the fact that you’re an Independent Computer Consultant that will set you apart and give you a very distinct advantage over your larger competition. I get calls all the time from small businesses owners inquiring about my service because they’re unhappy with their current provider and looking to make a change. What do you think is the #1 reason usually given for wanting someone new?

Their current provider isn’t responsive enough! The client often feels like they’re being treated as a lower priority than some of their IT Provider’s larger clients. Or their consultant is continually late or reschedules on-site appointments. Or they simply don’t receive the level of communication they would appreciate and believe they deserve.

Why is this such a problem for so many larger Support Providers to address? Because there’s typically a large amount of overhead needed to support a large IT Support Firm. To remain profitable, they must maintain a large client base, while keeping expensive internal staff members to a minimum. It’s a difficult balance to achieve and often the consultants are simply spread too thin.

But an Independent Computer Consultant operating under a Managed Service Model only needs to maintain a very small client base to remain profitable. In fact, I’ve proven time and again how a single computer consultant can generate a full-time income while supporting only 4 small business clients and working a total average of about 10 hours a week, a large portion of which is performed remotely.

Because as an Independent Computer Consultant you now only need a few clients to thrive as a successful business, and you can maintain these clients on such a flexible schedule, it’s very easy to provide a level of dedication and attention to your customers that your larger competition simply can’t match.

You can approach a potential new client and state, “I currently maintain a client base of “(number of)” clients, all of which will be glad to provide a glowing recommendation. I never maintain a base of any more than (number of) clients at any one time, so that I can be sure to give each and every one of my loyal customers the level of dedication and attention they deserve.”

You can easily show that you can provide the same level of monitoring and remote support that any large provider can offer. But it’s this level of personalized support that the small business owner craves, and knowing that they will have an expert IT Support Person who’s dedicated to them is what will help you win the contracts and beat out your competitors every time.

Of course, your clients will want to know how you intend to support them when you’re sick or on vacation. This is easily accomplished by creating a partnership with another consultant or support provider. We discuss this, and many more topics on starting a successful computer consulting business at

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